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T Jeff Stein Probate Attorney Revocable Trust | T Jeff Stein Probate Attorney

Revocable Trust

            A revocable trust is an alternative to a last will and testament when developing your estate plan.  Like a will, a revocable trust provides for the orderly disposition of a person’s (settlor’s) property.  A revocable trust also names a person(trustee) to carry out the settlor’s wishes and lists the powers the trustee may use to implement those wishes.  A revocable trust can be revoked or changed by the settlor at any time without the consent of the trustee.  One of the advantages of a revocable trust is that it may help avoid the necessity for formal administration of a person’s estate in the probate court.  Like a will, a revocable trust eliminates the need for the trustee to file a bond, inventory or accounting to the probate court and can  also be help facilitate tax savings.

Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice.  Please contact our office for an estate planning consultation to speak with a qualified attorney. 

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