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BP Claims-Vessels of Opportunity

The BP Settlement has established a Seafood Compensation Program, which covers the sustained individual or business economic loss. These claims can be filed by: Vessels of Opportunity (VoO) Boat Captains Vessels of Opportunity (VoO) crew members Participants may make a claim regardless of whether you were actually dispatched or asked to perform work under the […]

BP Claims-Owner Lessee of Coastal Real Property

The BP Settlement has established a Seafood Compensation Program, which covers the sustained individual or business economic loss. These claims can be filed by: • Owners of Coastal Real Property • Owners of a Deeded Boat Slip-”Loss of Use” These claimants include: • Owner or Lessee of leased coastal real property • Owner or Lessee […]

Giving Back (Part 2)

          Kiwanis Club is another wonderful organization that I have been a part of for the past twenty-five years.  Kiwanis is dedicated to serving the needs of children worldwide.  Kiwanis helps shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, mentor the disadvantaged and care for the sick. Kiwanis volunteers help develop youth as leaders, build playgrounds, raise […]

Giving Back (Part 1)

            One of the more rewarding aspects of my practice is the pro bono work I do for the South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program.  I have been a member of Volunteer Lawyers for fifteen years.  The South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program is a charitable organization dedicated to providing pro bono legal services in certain civil matters […]

Intestate Succession

        If a person dies without a will, the laws of intestate succession will dictate how that person’s assets will be distributed.  Sections 43-8-40 through 43-8-58 of the Code of Alabama set forth who will inherit from the decedent’s estate and how much.  For example, the surviving spouse will inherit a portion of the deceased’s […]

Revocable Trust

            A revocable trust is an alternative to a last will and testament when developing your estate plan.  Like a will, a revocable trust provides for the orderly disposition of a person’s (settlor’s) property.  A revocable trust also names a person(trustee) to carry out the settlor’s wishes and lists the powers the trustee may use to […]

What is a guardianship and a conservatorship?

     As discussed in one of my previous posts, the appointment of an agent such as through a durable power of attorney can eliminate the need for a formal guardianship/conservatorship proceeding if the person becomes incapacitated.  If, however, a person fails to plan for the possibility of incapacity, it can have significant consequences.  For those individuals […]

I have executed a Will, a Living Will or a Durable Power of Attorney…what happens next?

     Once you have taken the monumental step of completing these important planning documents, what should you do next?  A living will and durable power of attorney for healthcare are only effective if your doctors and hospital have a copy.  Your agent or proxy should have a copy of these documents as well in the […]

Durable Power of Attorney

  A durable power of attorney is another useful tool in any estate plan.  It is a document in which a person known as the “principal” appoints an agent to handle their affairs.  A durable power of attorney can grant the agent general powers or be more limited in scope, making it a very flexible […]

Living Wills

     While a will directs the distribution of your assets upon your death, a living will is a document that describes the type of life-sustaining treatment you would want only if you had a terminal condition or were in a state of permanent unconsciousness.  The living will directs your physician whether to withhold or withdraw […]

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