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What is a will and do I need one?

       I will be writing a series of posts on various topics related to my practice and estate planning, the first of which is “What is a will and do I need one?” 

     Wills are the cornerstone of any estate plan.  A will is a document that directs the distribution of assets upon a person’s death.  Anyone eighteen years or older and of sound mind may make a will.  Alabama law requires that a will be in writing, signed by the testator (the person making the will) and witnessed by two individuals.   A will names a person to implement the testator’s wishes and sets forth the powers that person may exercise in fulfilling the testator’s wishes.  No matter the size of your estate, a will gives your loved ones guidance in the distribution of your assets, protects your estate from unnecessary taxation and prevents family disputes.  If a person dies without a will in the state of Alabama, his property is disbursed according to the laws of intestate succession.  It is never too early to establish an estate plan and provide you and your family with certainty and peace of mind.  A wonderful resource for individuals living in West Alabama is the University of Alabama School of Law Elder Law Clinic which provides free legal advice and representation to people age 60 and older.

Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice.  Please contact our office for an estate planning consultation to speak with a qualified attorney. 

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Welcome to T. Jeff Stein Probate Attorney Mobile Alabama

T. Jeff Stein assists individuals and corporations in all stages of probate and trust administration in Mobile, Alabama. T. Jeff Stein has the expertise (over 36 year of experience) to handle any kind and size of proceeding involving a will or trust, including contested and uncontested matters. Below are examples of the services T. Jeff Stein provides in this area:

  • Probating wills and administering estates of people who have died, including preparation of federal estate tax returns where needed
  • Representing executors and trustees in matters such as accounting, prudent management practices, and distribution determinations
  • Representing fiduciaries who want someone to help them understand their obligations and the probate or trust administration process
  • Representing beneficiaries who want someone to help them understand the probate or trust administration process
  • Representing beneficiaries who want to make sure the executor or trustee is fulfilling their fiduciary duties
  • Formulating administration plans that help individual executors and trustees efficiently manage an estate or trust

T. Jeff Stein understands the stress and emotions that exist when someone you care about passes away. We routinely handle probate and guardianship matters in Mobile, Alabama and surrounding cities, which include Daphne Alabama, Fairhope Alabama, Point Clear Alabama, Mobile County, and Baldwin County.

Our goal is to make the estate or trust process as understandable, manageable and efficient as possible. While Alabama probate law generally is as simple as following the court procedure of determining a Will’s validity, there can be many steps to the probate process where an attorney can help you understand the best method to accomplish the probate.

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